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dev test architecture

Development and Testing Environment

The same architecture will be adopted for the development and testing environments. The architecture of such environments is simple designed based off an application server that is connected to a mono instance database.

One powerful Valoores physical server will host both environments (database and application server for each of the two environments).

UAT and Production Environments

The UAT environment architecture is expected to mimic the Production’s. Hence, Valoores proposes the following architectures for both environments depending on the criticality of the application and the required availability level; although the architecture is the same for both environments (UAT & Production), the hosting servers/virtual machines power can vary.

If the requested application has a low to moderate level of criticality, the UAT and production environments may have the same simple architecture of Development and testing environments described above, however, if not, a mixed / compound architecture is to be set in place: a cluster of 2 application servers managed by an admin console, balanced by a load balancer, and connected to a multiple instance database (RAC database).

At least, two servers/virtual machines are necessary; one dedicated for the database and the other for the application servers, their admin console, as well as the web server and the load balancer. Please note that the load balancer / web server combination can be replaced by either an OHS (Oracle HTTP server) or an Apache front end server.

In terms of infrastructure, Valoores proposes the following hardware resources to ensure the proper functioning of the application.

uat and production architecture

Technical Requirements (Recommended)

It is important to make sure that the hardware resources are expandable and can support future environment growth.

database server

Database Server

Processor 8 CORES
Processor Speed >= 2.5 GHZ
Random Access Memory 24 GB RAM
Storage SSD 500 GB effective
application server node

Application Server Node

Processor 4 CORES
Processor Speed >= 2.5 GHZ
Random Access Memory 12 GB RAM
Storage 100 GB effective
web server node

Webserver Node

Processor 4 CORES
Processor Speed >= 2.5 GHZ
Random Access Memory 12 GB RAM
Storage 50 GB effective

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