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Recommended Technologies

The possible options stated/indicated in this section (5.RECOMMENDED TECHNOLOGIES) should be clearly chosen and determined by the client at the early stages of the project prior to the creation of the project environments.

Otherwise, the change of any adopted option at a later stage of the project will have impacts and will be considered as a change request to be evaluated and approved by the project change control board.

Operating System

As an operating system for the servers/virtual machines, Valoores suggests to have installed a 64 bit operating system either Oracle Linux Server Release 6 or above, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 or above.

Database Management System

Valoores solutions are compatible with all Oracle RDBMS versions: 9i through 12c and editions (Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition). However, for mission critical applications that manages and manipulates huge volumes of data we recommend Oracle Enterprise Edition (with Partitioning, Compress for OLTP, and Parallel Processing options) for better performance, availability, scalability and monitoring options.

Frontal Web Server

Valoores recommends the use of either an OHS (Oracle Http Server) or an Apache HTTP web server. We may use the Weblogic load balancer in the case where the chosen application server is “Oracle Weblogic”, to secure the load repartition.



Application Server

Valoores framework supports Oracle Weblogic 12c (with JDK1.7_80) standard and enterprise. However, for mission critical applications that requires high level of availability and will be accessed by a high number of users we recommended to use enterprise edition since it encompasses the webserver and the load balancer. IBM WebSphere is an equivalent alternative, as an open source Valoores framework is also compatible with Apache Tomcat.

Internet Browser

Valoores framework is certified under the following browsers.

* Google Chrome: 50 and above.
* Firefox: 45 and above.
* Internet Explorer: 11.

However, the internet browsers that will be used must be defined clearly at the beginning of the project. Moreover, we recommend to disable the browser automatic update option on end users machines to avoid the upgrade to a major new internet browser version prior to finalizing the adaptation and certification of Valoores framework under the same version.

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